Logsdon Mules

Logsdon Mules



Jake Clark Mule Days 2024 Ralston, WY   June 10-16

Call John Logsdon at 580-465-8727 for information regarding current mules for sale. We have more than the 5 listed below!

Hip #11   PEPPER

Pepper is a four-year-old horse mule that was bred by Donnie and Teresa Oldham of RockinOMules. He is an extremely nice mule that we have enjoyed having here since he was about 10 months old. Pepper will catch you and is safe and gentle in about every way. Pepper's full sister was the high selling mule at Jake Clark’s in 2016! Don’t miss this extremely talented and exceptionally well bred young mule!

Hip #23   BLUEBELL

Bluebell, her name says it all! This is a gorgeous molly mule that’s true blue. She’s easy to catch, clip, and shoe. She’s confident with or without company on the trail. We had her consigned last year and 3 weeks before the sale she stuck her nose into a rattlesnake’s business! The downside was a few weeks of antibiotics and missing the sale, but the upside was we’ve hauled and seasoned her for another year! You will look long and hard to find a prettier or sweeter young mule!

Hip #36   LOUIE

Louie was my 2022 Missouri Mule Makeover! We were the Junior Youth Champions! He’s been trail ridden all over the country. He is extremely confident and will go anywhere you point him. We’ve also been sorting and starting to rope off of him. It will be hard to find a young mule that has had the seasoning that this one has had!

Hip #61   LIBERTY

Liberty is an exceptional molly that has been used for about every aspect of ranch work. Liberty loves attention and is easy to catch, shoe, saddle and bridle. She does really well on the trail. With her looks and ability she would make an exceptional show mule for someone as well. Liberty stands 15.1 hands and has her whole life ahead of her!

Hip #78   POPPY

Poppy is a little mule that my 13 year old daughter and 6 year old son have teamed up on. This is a gorgeous molly with the brains, ability, and willingness to accomplish anything. She is extremely confident and will go where pointed. She needs more seasoning but is making an excellent trail and or show mule!

Triangle Horse Sale   Oklahoma City, OK             May 3-4, 2024

We are ecstatic to offer 2 great Molly mules at the Triangle Horse Sale! We have the first ever approved mules for this sale! 

SOLD  LILLY 7-years-old         Hip #163                           Rose Gray Molly Mule

Lilly is the epitome of an all-around, talented, versatile mule. Lilly was raised by our family and stands 14.3. She is an excellent ranch mule that has the looks and ability to be a show mule prospect. She has ponied colts, is good with dogs, her ears, and her feet. We are honored to be able to offer Lilly at this prestigious sale!

SOLD  LOUISIANA                   Hip # 154                          Gray Molly Mule

Louisiana is a 7-year-old gray mare mule standing 14.1. She is easy to catch and gentle. Louisiana is a great trail mule and has been used in the stockyards. We are elated for the opportunity to offer such an outstanding mule at this reputable sale!

Owner: Chris Dennis